Friday, 23 December 2011

Ok Guys, Who Sent Patriot Missiles to China? (Updated)

Ok Guys, Who Sent Patriot Missiles to China? (Updated): So, Finnish Authorities yesterday found 69 Patriot air-defense missiles and another 160 tons of explosives on a ship bound for China. What!? The British-flagged merchant ship Thor Liberty apparently left Emden, Germany with the missiles and stopped in Finland to pick up anchor chains when Finnish customs inspectors found the weapons — in crates marked as fireworks [...]

Monday, 22 August 2011

Eve online is torturing me - send help

I've played a few trials of eve online since 2007 on and off with the same character. Sometimes for a week, sometimes for two months. I just started a month to see what the new changes are like and I'm still unsure what all the appeal is. I'm still undecided as to whether I continue or not. Sure, it's entertaining sometimes but it seems monotonous and I wouldn't be surprised if the player base is in fact suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Water Damaged Galaxy S

So my Galaxy S went for a bit of a swim on the weekend...

I ripped the battery out once it was recovered and left it to dry for a couple of days but I found that it would boot up automatically as soon as the battery was inserted and constantly reboot or get stuck in a reboot loop of the boot loader. I did a fair bit of googling and found this to be a common problem with people not knowing how to fix it.

I pulled mine apart, by unscrewing all the screws in the back and levering off the back plate with my fingernails and then found that if I unsoldered the little micro switch board for the power and bridged the terminals it would work fine. Then I soldered two wires onto the terminals, popped the power button out of the backing plastic and threaded the wires through the hole where it was. Put it all back together and now I have a ghetto spec galaxy s with two wires sticking out the side. Connecting the wires acts as the power button.

My guess is that the sealed micro switch has water inside it. I'm going to let it dry out and try testing if it still works and if not I might try levering it apart on one side to let it dry.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Remember remember, the 5th of November

When I grew up, every year on the queens birthday weekend, the children constructed a Guy Fawkes effigy out of old clothes and straw to burn on the bonfire.

It seems strange now that I have a graphic novel glorifying his identity and legacy sitting on my desk.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

How a single app made my entire android OS unusable!

One thing I've really liked about my new Samsung Galaxy S is the speed of the thing. Apps open almost instantly and you can navigate around the place very fast. It is certainly a refreshing change from my old iPhone 3G. This week however, things had been slowing to a crawl and it got to the point where the OS was popping up with messages like "Facebook is no longer responding would you like to force close it".

I was losing my mind, I checked running tasks and killed everything but still to no avail. (Trying to diagnose these issues on a phone that takes over 30 seconds to open settings was frustrating to say the least). In the end I traced it to a running service (found under settings -> applications -> running services) for an app I installed this week. Services don't show up under running tasks and despite the device still having free ram at a guess I'd say the service was maxing out the cpu. The app was called Aura, a monitoring tool for eve online characters. You can use it to check on your skill queue, market orders, inventory and ships/fitouts. It's quite a good app except for the service. Even with the setting for updating in the background disabled the service still started itself up every now and then. I have since uninstalled the app and my phone is back in a usable state.

It left me wondering how many less tech savy people will find themselves in this situation and consider the phone or any other android phone for that matter to be a pile of crap just due to some poor programming in a 3rd party app. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance after all.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

An adventure in android!

I have replaced my iphone with a samsung galaxy s and so far I love it. I will keep you posted on how I like it down the track.
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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Namebench results

I never thought I'd see TPG fastest at anything...

In this test, TPGI-2 AU is

153% Faster

than your current primary DNS server

Mean Response Duration

Mean Duration Graph

In other news Ultra DNS sucks for not america?